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ski sapphire valley gold card


Gold Cards are a product of the North Carolina Ski Areas Association (NCSAA) and allow the purchaser to ski and/or snowboard at all participating North Carolina Ski Areas.


Dear Gold Card Holder:
Thank you for purchasing a North Carolina Ski Areas Association Gold Card last season. As a 2018-19 season Gold Card holder, you now have the  option to purchase your 2019-20 Gold Card before it is offered to the  public on August 1, 2019. 
The 2019-20 season Gold Card is $895.00 and is valid at all six ski and snowboard resorts in North Carolina. The sale of the Gold Card is  limited to the first 100 purchasers. 
Sugar Mountain Resort, Inc. is the exclusive administrator of the Gold Card program. To ensure you receive your Gold Card for the upcoming  season, please complete the online application and return it, with  payment, to NCSAA, c/o Sugar Mountain Resort Inc., P.O. Box 369 Banner  Elk, North Carolina 28604.

Gold Card’s may also be purchased online at
Prior to picking up your Gold Card you are required to sign an
“Agreement and Release of Liability” form. These forms are available online and at Sugar Mountain Resort. If you are  under the age of 18 you and your parent or guardian must sign the  “Agreement and Release of Liability” form. 
In order to print your Gold Card, we need a picture. There are three (3) acceptable options: visit Sugar Mountain Resort’s Administration office  so that we may take your picture, we can use your picture from last  season (acceptable pictures must be taken within the last two years) or  if you purchase your Gold Card online you can upload a picture. 
Your Gold Card is available for pick-up at Sugar Mountain Resort’s Administration office after October 22, 2019, or it can be shipped at an additional charge once we receive the signed waiver. 
Thank you for supporting the North Carolina Ski Areas Association 
We look forward to the upcoming winter season and hope to hear back from you soon. 
Think Snow!


127 Cherokee Trail
Sapphire Valley, NC


Phone: 828-743-7663
Web Info: